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IV. Administrators – Who Are We?

“Please don’t tell my mother I am in Congress; she thinks I am a prostitute and I would hate to disappoint her.”
~ Pat Schroeder

Who we are… from the mouth of the horse! Or however that quote is supposed to go. Honestly, I’m not really sure, but that’s because I’m a bit of a scatterbrain. Or really more than a scatterbrain.

Pikachumaniac (PM… and not PMS, damn it!):
Hi everyone! I’m PM, and technically the creator of this entire enterprise (read: mess). I’m a student at UC Berkeley, and my interests primarily lie with environmental issues. I think I’m a registered member of the Democratic party, although after the entire voting registration mess, I really can’t be sure anymore. Anywho, when I’m not ranting and raving about politics/schoolwork, I enjoy anime, fanfiction and fanart, fantasy novels, and my PS2.

Anime Girl Sasami (ag_sasami):
Yoho! I'm Sasami, and I am the Supreme Dictator! *maniacal laughter* Joking...just a friendly moderator. *^^ I'm a student in the Honors College at Arizona State University, and I am an undeclared (but personally decided) Biology major. Registered, uber liberal Christian Democrat (which seems an important note after this last election nonsense. Christians can be Democrats too!!!). I'm a hopeless romantic with an anime/manga obsession, an obnoxiously optimistic view of bad things, and an odd taste for editing papers and stories.

Fickle Goddess:
Fickle Goddess is a politically-aware, outspoken, opinionated college-student who believes in luck, equality, free speech and human rights. She considers the Democrats too centrist, the Republicans too right-wing and is worried by the fact that America seems to be a two-party state, which is why she's here! Fickle Goddess, single-handedly saving the day with irreverent, witty comments. Or just amusing people. Whichever works.


Yo. I’m Neko-chan, probably the most easy going out of all of the (crazy) mods. I don’t belong to any political party (NON-PARTISANS UNITE~! :D), but that’s because I think the best way to vote is to decide on what you feel is right, not what someone is telling you is right. When not ranting and raving with PM(s), I write, watch anime, read books and manga, and listen to my pretty bois~ <3 (Important Note: Neko-chan is a really big fan of J-rock).

If you are interested in being an administrator, please send an e-mail to the community account to make an interview appointment. You may request to speak to someone in particular, or whoever is available or more convenient will be assigned. This is nothing formal – we just need to make sure that you have time for this, that you understand everything you will need to do, and that you’re not an FBI agent in disguise. Just kidding!

(Note: Currently no administrator positions are being offered.)

“The important thing is to do the most with the time you have here. Make a difference with that time. That’s what it’s about.”
~ Elvis Stojko
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